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Year Zero
An 80-page excerpt from
John Pilger's latest book, TELL ME NO LIES, Investigative Journalism and its Triumphs

Top British reporter John Pilger has collected a series of the best pieces of investigative journalism from around the world in the past 60 years in his new 628-page book,
TELL ME NO LIES. In our excerpt, we reproduce Pilger’s introduction and YEAR ZERO,
his remarkable expose of the genocide of Pol Pot’s regime against the people of Cambodia and the complicity of the British and US governments. Other contributors include Martha Gelhorn, Seymour Hersh, Paul Foot, Greg Palast, Robert Fisk, Eric Schlosser and Edward W. Said.

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Karaoke Night In Bush's America
Another hard-hitting essay by Joe Bageant

Know it makes me a dinosaur, but I still think there is much to be learned in America’s small neighborhood taverns. I call it my “learning through drinking” program. Here are some things I have learned at Burt’s Westside Tavern:
1. Never shack up with a divorced woman who is two house payments behind and swears you are the best sex she ever had
2. Never eat cocktail weenies out of the urinal, no matter how big the bet gets.
Learning through drinking was never dull. But when karaoke came to American bars it got even more entertaining, especially at Burt’s where some participants get gussied up for their three weekly minutes of stardom. One of them is Dink, a stubble-faced 56-year-old guy presently dressed like Waylon Jennings. However, Dink’s undying claim to fame here in Winchester is not his Waylon imitation, which sucks.

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War Of Words
An excerpt from EGO AND INK: The Inside Story of Canada's National Newspaper War

Chris Cobb’s widely-praised new book Ego And Ink chronicles the creation and launch of Conrad Black’s National Post and the subsequent vicious newspaper war in Canada between the Post, the venerable Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. Ego And Ink details a circulation battle in which millions of newspapers were either given away or sold well below cost in cut price subscription deals. Together, it cost the three newspapers more than $1 billion to articifially inflate their circulation figures.

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Seven Days In New York City
On The Outside At The Republican National Convention - A 12-Page Diary by David Rubinson

Members of the Human Race of every size, shape, color, gender, odor, stance, agenda and world view, came together in September in New York demanding to be – at lon-n-n-n-ng last – HEARD – despite being muzzled, repressed, marginalized, demonized, ignored, misrepresented and demeaned by the pimp media, whose bread is spread thick with oleo of an entirely different nature.
HEARD – despite the initial threats of arrest, tasers, and pepper spray, and the ultimate reality of unindicted detention and filthy imprisonment.
On the streets – hundreds of thousands of people, many there every day from 6am to 3am, doing just about everything to get the message out: marching, singing, chanting, lying down, biking, praying and crying. Inside Madison Square Garden they had the real demonstration – a week-long parade of public hostility, venality, sheer unadorned mendacity, and unmitigated personal vilification. Our efforts were met with grudging, uninspired, cowardly and decidedly imperceptive coverage by the major media. The Republican national Convention was covered 24/7, in sycophantic, voluminous, minute detail and largely absent any sense of journalistic inquiry. The overwhelmingly dominant voice was that of FOX News. . .

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Driving On The Bones Of God
You and I may get smoked, but the fat cats will still dine on peacock tongues

It is 7 am, already hot as hell and another code red day. I am cresting Mount Weather on Route 7 Virginia, driving into the face of a blood red sun behind a pink sticky haze that makes commuting so ghostlike here during the dog days of August.
Beneath the sandwich and cigarette wrappers on the floor of my truck, beneath the road and down hundreds of feet within the earth a hidden city awaits the Apocalypse: an underground city with apartments and dormitories, cafeterias, a hospital and its own transit system – a battery powered subway. It has TV communication, streets and sidewalks, a water purification system, power plant and general office buildings. A small lake fed by fresh underground springs ripples in its artificial lighting. Mount Weather is the hub of a nerve center of about 100 other Federal Relocation Centers, which guarantee that the really big players in the game will escape, asses intact, even the worst disasters they manage to create. In every likelihood, this “undisclosed location” sheltered Dick Cheney during 911. Employees say so, anyway.

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Slepwalking To Babylon
In the war on terror, FBI agents at Norfolk, Virginia, airport took anal swabs from a mechanical farting dog to make sure it didn’t contain explosives . . .

Each workday I commute toward Washington D.C. along Route 7, where patriotic war slogans are spray painted on the overpasses, and homemade signs jut from the median in support of our “boys in Iraq .” Mud-splattered construction trucks rip by with frayed flags popping in the wind, loaded with burly bearded men and looking very much like the footage of Afghanistan or Angola, minus the 50 caliber gun mounts.
Yesterday I saw my first stretch Hummer, painted in desert tan and carrying half a dozen soccer mom types, which rather sums up the point I am trying to make here. There is a distinct martial ethos, the tang of steel and the smell of gun oil in the air around Washington these days, I swear it. Only a blind microcephalic could fail to notice this systemic militarization of the American culture, and the media’s hyper-escalation of warrior worship.

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Death In Africa
How a Revolutionary Leader Plotted to Kill His deputy and His Family

EXCLUSIVE - A 50-Page e-book. Fred Bridgland, then a young Reuters correspondent, won his 15 minutes of fame in 1975 when he exclusively revealed the secret South African military invasion of Angola, backed by the CIA, MI6, the French Secret Service and Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda. Bridgland subsequently wrote a highly controversial biography of Jonas Savimbi, leader of an Angolan liberation movement and a friend of Che Guevara. Savimbi’s brilliant young deputy, Tito Chingunji, helped Bridgland research the book and became his closest African friend. But, after the book was published, Savimbi executed Chingunji, his wife and children, parents and his entire extended family. He also threatened Bridgland with death. ColdType’s 50-page essay is a treatment Bridgland has completed as a proposal for new book on his friend Chingunji’s murder and telling the true story of the madness that gripped Savimbi and his guerrilla movement.

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Is The President Nuts? And, If So, Does It Matter?

Supposedly, if you put live frogs in a kettle of cold water on the stove, then raise the temperature very slowly, the frogs will eventually boil to death without trying to escape. I don’t know if that is true, but it does seem the perfect, if sometimes overused, analogy for what we see going on around us in America. My guess is that we frogs are about medium done for. Having neither cooked frogs nor lived in a fascist state, I am not a practiced judge of these things, but I’m quite sure the end result of either is in no way desirable for frogs or human beings. I do notice, however, that some frogs are turning quite red. Here in the States there is now a trend of wearing red on Fridays in silent protest of the Bush junta. Reportedly, this is modeled after a 1940 practice by citizens of Nazi-occupied Norway, though it is hard to imagine why oppressed Norwegians would do anything that might make them stand out to their oppressors. Still, urban legend or not, it’s all over the Internet and one would suppose quite a few people on the “left-coast” are sporting red. By now, it’s probably old hat out there.
Not so here in the Washington D.C. area.

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John Ashcroft: Keep Your Mouth Off My Wife

’I'd be the first to admit that sitting here in this garden shed drinking Jim Beam and feeding pork rinds to my dog Bingo (a black mutt of the type we call a “piss hound” around here) may not be the best vantage point from which to examine national security affairs. However, it must be said that when the nebulous tendrils of U.S. security policy begin to reach down this far into everyday life, far enough to rattle a 57-year-old pee dribbler such as myself, it sure as hell can be called pervasive, at the very least. Not only pervasive, but also downright personal too. John Ashcroft publically insulted my wife. I kid you not.

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The Most Dangerous Man In The World
– An excerpt from
Rogue State: America At War With The World

A FREE 30-Page e-book from veteran war correspondent and best-selling author T.D. ALLMAN, who charts the course of America’s emergence, under George W. Bush, as the world’s most dangerous, destabilising and detested nation. ROGUE STATE tells how, in the year after September 11, 2001, Bush and those around him squandered the goodwill of the world, insulted America’s allies, lost the respect of developing nations, and unleashed a new era of danger and instability in international affairs in the course of Bush’s determination to launch an unnecessary and unsuccessful war in Iraq.

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Truth Against Truth
– A Completely Different Look At The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli activist Uri Avnery raises 101 points that ‘demolish the myths, conventional lies and historical falsehoods,on which most of the arguments of both Israeli and Palestinian propaganda rest. Without this common basis, peace is impossible.’ Avneri’s intriguing 32-page illustrated book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the need to find a solution to the seemingly insoluble conflict.

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Target Iraq: What The News Media Didn't Tell You
- A Complete 184-Page Book by Norman Solomon and Reese Erlich

The Bush Administration and its defenders continue to say “How could we have known that there were no weapons of mass destruction or that Saddam Hussein had no ties with Al Queda? Everyone from the CIA to the major media agreed he was a danger.” This book – by media critic Norman Solomon and foreign correspondent Reese Erlich – which was published before the invasion and occupation, exposes those and other myths and lies. Introduced by Howard Zinn with an Afterword by actor Sean Penn, this is a must-read for anyone who cares about the truth behind the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

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Two More Essays From Joe Bageant

Son Of A Laboring God

My home town is one of those slowly rotting East Coast burgs that makes passers-through think to themselves: “What the hell is this? Mayberry USA on crack?” The town’s 250-year old core is a blighted clot of ramshackle houses carved into apartments and cheesy businesses. Its outer rim is the typical ugly gash of commercial hell, a assortment of mindlessly jammed-together tire dealers, grim asphalt, slurp and burps, and car dealerships of the type that make the U.S. one of the ugliest nations on earth. A sign in the median strip of this gash proclaims Winchester an official “All-American Town.”To its credit however, the town does have that special kind of seediness found only in the U.S. South. It might even be considered weirdly colorful in an America studies sort of way, with its hard-faced characters straight out of Grapes of Wrath and spooky and well-scrubbed Bible thumpers. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, our local Chamber of Commerce calls it “Historic Winchester, Virginia.”But many of us who grew up here call it Dickville; if you were born and raised here you were probably dicked from the beginning. Faced with life in such a town, there is only one solution. Beer.

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The Dominion Of The Leash

Lynndie England never had a chance. Abu Ghraib, or maybe something even worse (an RPG up the shorts, for instance) was always her destiny. Nearly half of the 800 Americans killed in Iraq to date came from small towns like hers, like mine. Forty-six percent of the American dead in Iraq came from towns of less than 40,000. Yet these towns make up only 25% of our population. Most of the young soldiers were fleeing economically depressed places, or dead end jobs like Lynndie had at the chicken processing plant.These so-called volunteers are part of this nation’s de facto draft – economic conscription. Money is always the best whip to use on the laboring clasess. Thirteen hundred a month, a signing bonus and free room and board sure beats the hell out of yanking guts through a chicken’s ass. And there are those big bucks for college later. Up to $65,000. Lynndie was supposedly going to college after her enlistment to become a “storm chaser,” like in the Helen Hunt movie “Twister.”

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Covert Kingdom
– Thy Will be Done On Earth As It Is In Texas

Washington writer Joe Bageant looks into the strange world of the Christian Right, driving force behind the Bush presidency. This strange American fundamentalism is alive and well and thriving just a few miles outside the country’s major cities . . . .

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Letters from Iraq
– A 77-Page E-Book by Jo Wilding

We’ve pulled together all of Jo Wilding’s insightful eye-witness essays from Iraq, where she chronicled the lives of civilians caught up in the battle for Falluja. Our 77-page e-book includes the six essays we’ve already published, plus five more . . . .

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A book excerpt and an essay
from Loretta Napoleoni

The New Economy of Terror
– An excerpt from MODERN JIHAD

In this 36-page extract from her new book, Loretta Napoleoni maps out the arteries of an international economic system that feeds armed groups the world over with an endless supply of cash. Chasing terror money, she takes the reader from the CIA headquarters to the smuggling routes of the Far East, from the back rooms of Wall Street to Hawala exchanges in the Middle East. The new economy of terror is made up of illegal businesses such as arms and narcotics trading, oil and diamond smuggling, as well as charitable donations and proceeds from legal businesses.

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Chronicle of a War Foretold
– A 24-page essay

The war in Iraq has become the most important chapter in the ‘war on terror’. According to President Bush’s allies, coalition forces are fighting a vicious guerrilla war against ‘Islamist terrorists’ and ‘Saddam’s loyalists’, which confirms the soundness of the motivation to go to war in the first place: to prevent Saddam Hussein from supplying weapons of mass destruction to terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda. To date, however, no link between Saddam and Osama has been established; no weapons of mass destruction have been found; no major victory in the ‘war on terror’ has been achieved. Instead public officials, UN inspectors, former members of cabinets, counter-terrorist experts and security officers, have unveiled a long stream of lies which go back to the first Gulf War, fabricated to promote a ‘US-friendly’ military coup in Iraq. Their tale is the chronicle of a war foretold.

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Arrest & Interrogation
– An excerpt from Bandiet Out of Jail

By Hugh Lewin

Forty years ago, South African journalist Hugh Lewin was arrested by security police for being a member of the African Resistance Movement (ARM) responsible for acts of sabotage against the nation’s apartheid government. After serving seven years as a political prisoner, Lewin went into exile in Britain where he wrote his acclaimed book, Bandiet: Seven Years in a South African Prison. Our 48-page excerpt from the recent republished version of the book – BANDIET Out of Jail – contains the first chapter of the original book, plus a new chapter and two of his prison poems, including the evocative TOUCH.

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Caught in the Matrix
– Lies & Distortion in the Search for Truth

By David Miller

Political debate in the mainstream in the US and UK increasingly resembles the vision encapsulated in the film the Matrix. Here the reality of human bondage to the system is disguised by a sophisticated virtual reality – the matrix – from which it is difficult, to break free.– In matrix world, Iraq had and may still have Weapons of Mass Destruction. In the real world it did not. – In matrix world there were links between Iraq and Al- Qaeda. In the real world there were not . . ..

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The New York Times on the Yugoslav Tribunal
– A Study in Total propaganda Service

By Edward S, Herman & David Peterson

While the concept of a “party line ”is usually associated with totalitarian parties and their offshoots, controlled by a state that imposes a politically serviceable version of history on its underlings and agents, it is very common for something like a party line to emerge in the U.S.mainstream media as they deal with a demonized target accused of misbehavior. In such cases the media quickly jump onto a bandwagon that takes the official and politically convenient view as obvious truth,and they then devote their efforts to elaborating on that truth. In this special report, Herman and Peterson examine the work of Marlise Simons in her coverage of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY, or simply Tribunal) for the New York Times.

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Bringing Hell To Haiti

By David Edwards

Have you ever noticed how stupid you sometimes feel when you watch the news? Hands up anyone who understands what's going on in haiti? The media is good at repeatedly broadcasting footage of armed gangs roaming in trucks, and at quoting senior oofficials. But the absense of meaningful context and informed qanalysis - and above all the unwillingness to question the official version of events - means that it is often literally impossible for viewers to make sense of what is happening. For all their satellite communications and computer-equipped studios, the news media often do not give us the news at all - they give us noise.

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Four great essays take the lid off
political deceit

1. The War Against The BBC
Torcuil Crichton, Neil Mackay, Douglas Fraser, James Cusick & Iain MacWhirter, of Scotland's Sunday Herald

It was the week British Prime Minister Tony Blair looked political death in the face and escaped in a manner which would have put Houdini to shame; the week that the BBC lost its bitter battle with the government and looked in danger of imploding; the week when, at last, senior American officials admitted that reports of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction could prove unfounded. At the root of the war between the government and the BBC was this: Blair insisted that he had irrefutable evidence from intelligence sources that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and could deploy them within 45 minutes to endanger British interests. The BBC, instead of simply reporting that assertion in the manner of a Pathe Newsreel, allowed Andrew Gilligan to seek the views of the foremost expert on Iraq’s WMD programme, Dr David Kelly. Kelly suggested to the BBC Today journalist that the intelligence dossier had been exaggerated (not fabricated) to improve its chances of selling the war.

Click here or on image above to download THE WAR AGAINST THE BBC

Click here to download James Cusick's 8-page essay - TONY BLAIR'S LONGEST DAY - also from the Sunday Herald

2. Go Find Me A Way To Do This
By David Edwards, Medialens, UK

Sometimes it really is possible to fail to see the wood for the trees. We need to be clear that Tony Blair is claiming that the threat of Iraqi WMD justified a massive war against Iraq. We are to believe that after a major conflict in which 88,500 tons of bombs were dropped in 1991, after eight years of inspections, and after more than a decade of continuous bombing raids, and of crippling sanctions imposed under the most intensive and sophisticated surveillance operation in history, both Blair and Bush received intelligence suggesting that Iraq was a “serious and current threat”. As we now know, this alleged intelligence is said to have been related to WMD and links with al-Qaeda that did not exist. We are to believe, then, that a rush of terrifying information relating to non-existent perils – a rush so overwhelming that long-standing policy was abandoned – suddenly emerged to lead Bush and Blair to believe that nothing less than war was required to avert the danger.

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3. The Lying Game
Excerpts, by David Miller and Mark Curtis, from the book Tell Me Lies

What did the media tell us in the run up to war on Iraq? Was it all true? Where are the weapons of mass destruction? This book is for everyone who is appalled by the duplicity and misinformation churned out by the media in the lead up to war with Iraq, and is a scathing indictment of the media's role in creating public support for a war which threatens to create further instability and resentment of the US throughout the Middle East.

Click here or on image above to download THE LYING GAME

4. Information Dominance
By David Miller, Stirling University, Scotland

The concept of ‘information dominance’ is the key to understanding US and UK propaganda strategy and a central component of the US aim of ‘total spectrum dominance’. It redefines our notions of spin and propaganda and the role of the media in capitalist society. To say that it is about total propaganda control is to force the English language into contortions that the term propaganda simply cannot handle. Information dominance is not about the success of propaganda in the conventional sense with which we are all familiar. It is not about all those phrases ‘winning hearts and minds’, about truth being ‘the first casualty’ about ‘media manipulation’ about ‘opinion control’ or about ‘information war’. Or, to be more exact - it is about these things but none of them can quite stretch to accommodate the integrated conception of media and communication encapsulated in the phrase information dominance.

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210-page e-book

The Best of ColdType
Columnists '03

Each month, ColdType reprints commentary and opinion from four of the world’s top columnists: George Monbiot (London Calling) of the London Guardian; Michael I. Niman (Getting A Grip), professor of Journalism and Media Studies in the Communication Department at Buffalo State College; John Pilger (Words Against War), who writes for many newspapers and magazine including Britain’s New Statesman, Daily Mirror and Independent; and Norman Solomon (Media Beat), executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, whose columns appear in newspapers across North America. This e-book contains one column from each month of 2003 from each of these writers (10 from Niman), selected by ColdType editor Tony Sutton.

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A major excerpt from
John Pilger's newest book

Paying The Price

If you wonder why the Iraqi people didn’t welcome the American forces as liberators at the end of the second Gulf war, it may be enlightening to read this excerpt from John Pilger’s book, The New Rulers Of The World, written and published before war began. Pilger describes the terrible suffering of the people of Iraq under the West’s – specifically the United States and Britain – decade-long embargo of that country, vicious sanctions that saw hundreds of thousands of children die because of lack of medical treatment as the richest country in the Middle East was brought to its knees because of supposed – but still undiscovered – weapons of mass destruction. In the first part of this excerpt, Pilger reports from Iraq on the murderous effects of these sanctions on the most vulnerable section of Iraq society; in the second, he travels to the United States, where he has an enlightening interview with Madelaine Albright’s Assistant Secretary of State James Rubin. Pilger concludes, “A prosecutor [at the International Criminal Court] might ask who has killed the most innocent people in Iraq: Saddam Hussein, or British and American policy-makers? The answer may well put the murderous tyrant in second place.”

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Click here to download JOHN PILGER's previous ColdType essay, The Betrayal of Afghanistan

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A writer's journey into
a South African township

White Man Walking

A 60-page ColdType Modern Classic
By Denis Beckett

All I knew of Durban’s Cato Manor was that its record of riot, razing and broken heads is several lengths longer than any other township in South Africa, which is saying a bit. A mega-effort to straighten it out has now been made and is drawing to a close. The straighteners, Cato Manor Development Association, commissioned a bucketload of academic and professional reports on the results. They decided also to include one wild-side report, which they called “The View From the Street”. They wanted the impressions of a total outsider, uncluttered by prior baggage.
“No holds barred”, they said, “we’ll fly you down, we’ll give you a car, we’ll book a hotel, you’ll take as long as you like, you’ll say what you see.”
I said: “I’ll pass on the hotel. Is there any sort of guest-house in Cato Manor itself?”
“No, nothing like that.”
“You can surely find someone who has a bed available.”
“Er, yes, if that’s what you want.”
“Yep. The view doesn’t stop when night falls. In fact, let’s pass on the car too.”
There was a pause. “Well, if you insist . . . . ”

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Newspaper journalism right
from the heart of Africa

Don't miss Africawoman, a monthly newspaper published by 80 very brave women journalists from Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Nigeria. We've got the whole archive on line.

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The fifth of our excerpts
from relevant new books

Always Happy. Never Sad

A 28-page excerpt from Hard Work, Life in Low-Pay Britain by acclaimed Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee

Could you live on the minimum wage? The Guardian's Polly Toynbee took up the challenge; living on one of the worst council housing estates in Britain and taking whatever was on offer at the job centre. What she discovered shocked her. In telesales and cake factories, as a hospital porter and as a school dinner lady, she worked at a breakneck pace for cut-rate wages, alongside working mothers and struggling retirees. The service sector in Britain is now administered by seedy agencies, offering no prospects, no screening and no commitment. And, perhaps most damning of all, Toynbee found that, despite the optimism of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s New Deal, the poorly-paid effectively earn less than they did 30 years ago. In ColdType’s excerpt from Hard Work, the author takes a job working as a dinner lady, preparing and serving lunches to children in a school canteen . . .

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Another perceptive essay
from Danny Schechter

The Media War Comes Home

During the 60’s, some elements of the anti-war movement believed that it was time to bring the war home. The idea — give America a taste of what Vietnam was suffering by launching an armed resistance. Their “blows against the empire” were misguided and self-destructive, as even most of the surviving wannabe guerrilla warriors now agree. Oddly enough, the Bush Administration has become obsessed with that 60’s notion and is applying its tactics to achieve opposite results. They are bringing the war home — by using wartime methods to manage domestic media during the elections, and turn American hearts and minds in favor of their war.

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A unique photo-essay
from Northern Ireland

Castles of the North

By prize-winning English photographer
Jonathan Olley, wth an introduction by Liam Clarke

Journalists, photographers and camera crews have followed the conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland closely for many years, but attention has rarely been given to the consequences the conflict had for the urban environment. Photographer Jonathan Olley
photographed the British army ’s heavily-armed observation posts and forts which define the street scene in Northern Ireland. They loom over shops, pubs and fish and chip shops like modern castles. Now that the army is withdrawing as a part of the peace process, the buildings and towers are being demolished brick by brick. his grave

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Exposed - One of the great
musical mysteries of all times

40-page ColdType Modern Classic


By Top South African Author Rian Malan

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a small miracle took place in the brain of a man named Solomon Linda. It was 1939, and he was standing in front of a microphone in the only recording studio in black Africa when it happened . . . he just opened his mouth and out it came, a haunting skein of fifteen notes that flowed down the wires and into a trembling stylus that cut tiny grooves into a spinning block of beeswax . . . Later, the song took flight and landed in America, where it mutated into a truly immortal pop epiphany that soared to the top of the charts here and then everywhere, again and again, returning every decade or so under different names and guises . . . It is the most famous melody ever to emerge from Africa, a tune that has penetrated so deep into the human consciousness over so many generations that one can truly say, here is a song the whole world knows . . . This one’s for Solomon Linda, a Zulu who wrote a melody that earned untold millions for white men but died so poor that his widow couldn’t afford a stone for his grave

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John Pilger looks for the
truth behind the headlines


Don't miss this new essay from John Pilger on the Betrayal of Afghanistan, written to accompany his superb new TV documentary, 'Breaking the Silence: Truth and lies in the war on terror', broadcast in Britain on September 22.

Click here or on image to download JOHN PILGER's essay, The Betrayal of Afghanistan

Two essays for 9/11
by Danny Schechter



This is a time for remembrance and reflection. It is also a time for media people to assess the role we have played since two planes smashed into the Twin Towers two years ago this week – smashing with them some of the illusions that drove the media system in the era historians may yet call “B-9-11.” September 11 was the day that is said to have “changed everything.” But did it change the media that played a central part in the drama of that day?



In an age when actor Arnold Schwarzenegger embodies a growing convergence between the worlds of movies and politics in one hulking frame, entertainment-oriented media once again manifests their power to influence what we think. There was a good reason that Time magazine described the coverage of the war on Iraq as “militainment,” and there is a good reason that the Bush Administration is turning to Hollywood to embellish the president’s declining popularity. Their latest preemptive strike takes form of a movie packaged to remake the historical record on the 9/11 attacks and reelect Bush at the same time.

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Don't miss our four
new book excerpts

1. Small Towns, Small Minds

(From The Best Democracy Money Can Buy)
By Greg Palast

Before taking up the pen for Britain’s Observer and Guardian newspapers, Los Angeles-born Greg Palast traveled the globe as expert investigator of corporate fraud and racketeering. Palast won Britain’s highest journalism honors for his 1998 undercover investigation of influence peddling within Tony Blair’s cabinet – by Enron and other US corporations. He then turned his sleuthing skills on to the Bush money trail: uncovering for BBC and The Observer the uncomfortable truths of how the Bush Administration quashed investigations of Saudi financing of terror – and Poppy Bush’s extraordinary methods for stuffing his bank account and his son’s campaign coffers. In this excerpt from “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” Palast turns his spotlight on the culture of McDonald’s and the “frightening Americanization of America.” .

Click here to download our 20-page excerpt from
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

2. Haunted By War

(From War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning)
By Chris Hedges

Veteran war columnist for The New York Times, Chris Hedges has survived ambushes in Central America, imprisonment in Sudan, and a beating by Saudi military police. He has even seen children murdered for sport in Gaza and petty thugs elevated to war heroes in the Balkans. Hedges has seen war at its worst and knows only too well that to those who have been through it, war can be exhilarating and even addictive. “It gives us purpose, meaning, a reason for living.” Drawing on his own experience and on the literature of combat from Homer to Michael Herr, Hedges shows how war seduces not just those on the front lines but entire societies, corrupting politics, destroying culture, and perverting basic human desires.

Click here to download our 20-page excerpt from
War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning

3. Global Mutation

(From The Age Of Dissent:
A Manifesto For A New World Order)
By George Monbiot

Acclaimed columnist for The London Guardian, George Monbiott wonders
why the world’s rich keep getting richer while the poor are overtaken by debt and disaster. “The world,” he says, “is run not by its people but by a handful of unelected or underelected executives who make the decisions on which everyone else depends: concerning war, peace, debt, development and the balance of trade. Without democracy at the global level, the rest of us are left with no means of influencing these men but to shout abuse and hurl ourselves at the lines of police defending their gatherings and decisions. Does it have to be this way?” he asks as he presents a series of proposals that will create a revolution in the way the world is run – true democracy, where people are more important than nations and corporations.
Our excerpt consists of the prologue and first chapter of this bold and important new work.

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The Age Of Dissent

4. Embedded: Weapons
of Mass Deception

(The first full-length book on the war on Iraq)
By Danny Schechter
There were two wars going on in Iraq – one was fought with armies of soldiers, bombs and fearsome military force. The other was fought alongside it with cameras, satellites, armies of journalists and propaganda techniques. One war was rationalized as an effort to find and disarm WMDs – Weapons of Mass Destruction; the other was carried out by even more powerful WMD’s, Weapons of Mass Deception. Critics of the coverage, such as veteran journalist and media watcher Danny Schechter, a former ABC and CNN producer, consider much of the U.S. media complicit in the promoting and cheerleading for a war in which some of the reporting was sanitized, staged and suppressed. Throughout the war, he was “self-embedded” at, the world’s largest on-line media issues network, writing a 3000 word daily “dissection” of the global coverage based on a wide range of source. Now that coverage appears with a new introduction and hard-hitting analysis as Embedded: Weapons of Mass Deception, a book length study of the new merger between the military and the media.

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Embedded: Weapons Of Mass Deception

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booklets on Press Freedom

Silencing Dissent
A journalist's nightmare on commencement day

Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times foreign correspondent Chris Hedges made headlines after being booed from the stage as he tried to deliver an anti-war commencement day speech at Rockford College in Illinois on May 20. According to one report, "his microphone was unplugged within three minutes. Voices of protest and the sound of foghorns grew. Some graduates and audience members turned their backs to the speaker in silent protest. Others rushed up the aisle to vocally protest the remarks, and one student tossed his cap and gown to the stage before leaving.”

What did Hedges say (or, rather, try to say) that was so inflamatory? ColdType's special 14-page report reprints Hedge's speech, together with the transcript of a radio interview with Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman and an introduction by Danny Schechter, editor of

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Six Essays on Press Freedom
A 24-page pdf magazine dedicated
to a free press around the world

May 3 has been designated World Press Freedom Day to recognise the sacrifices made in the struggle for freedom of the press and to put pressure on the numerous countries that continue to deny their citizens this basic human right. This day marks the anniversary of the Declaration of Windhoek, a statement of principles drawn up by African journalists calling for a free, independent and pluralistic media on that continent and throughout the world. The Declaration affirms that a free press is essential to the existence of democracy.

This special publication contains essays on press freedom from journalists in Iraq, Thailand, France, South Africa and Gambia. It also gives details of the deaths of 47 journalists killed in the line of duty in 21 countries during 2002.

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Revisit ColdType's top columnists for 2003

Media Diary / Danny Schechter

DANNY SCHECHTER is a television producer and independent filmmaker who also writes about media issues. The author of “Media Wars: News At A Time of Terror (2002) “The More You Watch, The Less You Know” (Seven Stories Press) and “News Dissector: Passions, Pieces and Polemics” (Electron Press), he is executive editor of He has produced and directed many TV specials and documentary films and, with Springstein guitarist Little Steven Van Zandt, he produced SUN CITY, the hit record and video featuring 54 top artists speaking out against apartheid. He was a producer on the Nelson Mandela concert in London in l990. He also writes the daily Media Dissector's Weblog for, of which we will be publishing edited highlights each day.
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Words Against War / John Pilger

JOHN PILGER is one of the world's most renowned and distinguished investigative journalists and documentary film-makers. Twice a winner of Britain's highest honour, that of Journalist of the Year, he writes for The Daily Mirror and Independent on Sunday newspapers and New Statesman magazine.
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Dateline Baghdad / Robert Fisk

ROBERT FISK, of London's Independent newspaper, is one of the world's top foreign correspondents. His reports from Baghdad, target of thousands of missiles and bombs launched by US and British warplanes and ships, provide a strong counterpoint to the official version of events provided by 'embedded' reporters.
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London Calling / George Monbiot

GEORGE MONBIOT , acclaimed author of "Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain", and the investigative travel books "Poisoned Arrows", "Amazon Watershed" and "No Man’s Land" writes a hard-hitting commentary column each week in the London-based British national newspaper, The Guardian. Now these columns each week on as a multi-page pdf download. We have also designed a four-colour cover (above) to accompany the pdfs, which fit in a 8.5" by 11" loose-leaf binder.

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Getting A Grip / Michael I. Niman

MICHAEL I. NIMAN’s weekly columns offer a critique of consumerist culture, corporate globalization, resource wars, ongoing environmental crises and the role of the mainstream press as the propaganda arm for a self-destructive status quo. Getting A Grip appears each week on as a multi-page pdf download. We have also designed a four-colour cover (above) to accompany the pdfs, which fit in a 8.5" by 11" loose-leaf binder.

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MediaBeat '03 / Norman Solomon

NORMAN SOLOMON has been heralded as one of North America's most important media critics of the past decade. His weekly MediaBeat column has been a mainstay of the Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) web site for many years. Now MediaBeat appears each week on as a pdf download. And there's a four-colour cover (above) to accompany the pdfs, which also fit in a loose-leaf binder.

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Another ColdType exclusive

Wapping '86 - a new photoessay

The strike that broke Britain's newspaper unions

On January 24, 1986, 6,000 employees went on strike after months of protracted negotiations at the London national newspapers owned by media magnate Rupert Murdoch. The company’s management had ostensibly been seeking a labour agreement at their new plant in Wapping, but it had long since determined not to settle and instead sought to provoke a strike. Then, when industrial action was announced by the unions, dismissal notices were served on all those taking part. NIC OATRIDGE tells, in 20 pages of words and photographs, how Murdoch confronted and beat the unions, with the assistance of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's tough new labour laws and a police force that could hardly be described as impartial . . .

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ColdType exclusives

The Media Marches To War

Are Americans getting a balanced picture of events that seem to be leading their country headlong into a new war in the Gulf? No, says NORMAN SOLOMON, the country's foremost media critic, in this hard-hitting collection of his recent MediaBeat columns.

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Return To Kandahar
Inside a nation devastated by allied bombing. By ROBERT FISK, of London's Independent newspaper

The Road Stops At Nowhere
A summer holiday turns into a nightmare. A breakdown-plagued 3-week sojourn through the South African desert. By South African author and TV personality DENIS BECKETT

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Finally, two great

GOOD & EVIL: South Africa's Truth & Reconciliation Commission. By JILLIAN EDELSTEIN

OMAGH – August 15, 1998: - Devastation of an Irish town. By JACKIE SLOAN

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